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iCraze - A Malware Distributor

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iCraze - A Malware Distributor

Yet another malware developer was caught in the iOS jailbreaking scene. However it has come to our attention that he had been a well respected developer within the community. Continue reading to understand the situation.

Please understand that this was AI generated and is fully satire.

iCraze: A Malware Distributor

iCraze was a well-known developer of iOS jailbreak tweaks. He was known for his high-quality tweaks and his willingness to help other developers. However, in 2023, it was revealed that iCraze had been putting malware in his tweaks. The malware was designed to steal users’ personal information, such as their device information, passwords, and location. iCraze was quickly exposed and banned from the jailbreak acommunity.

The iCraze malware scandal was a major blow to the jailbreak community. It showed that even trusted developers could be compromised. As a result of the scandal, many users became more cautious about installing tweaks from unknown sources.

The iCraze malware scandal also had a significant impact on the iOS jailbreak scene. It led to a decline in the number of jailbreak tweaks being developed and released. It also made it more difficult for users to find safe and reliable jailbreak tweaks.

This should be a reminder to YOU that even the most trusted developers can be compromised. It is important to be vigilant when installing tweaks from unknown sources and to only install tweaks from trusted developers or repositories. You should also remove any repos or tweaks that have a warning in Sileo.

Infected Tweaks

Nexus is an iOS 16-inspired lock screen customization tweak that is meant to surpass much worse tweaks such as AIM and AIM Pro. However on March 14, 2023, iCraze created an update which was meant to be some small “fixes and changes”. This included a piece of malware which infected every device who had updated to that version of Nexus at the time.

Hestia is a jailbreak detection bypasser, being similar to other tweaks such as A-Bypass and Shadow. However on December 10, 2022, iCraze published an update to the Hestia tweak on Havoc which was meant to fix a preference issue on XinaA15. This update happened to also include a piece of malware in the code which infected all devices running iOS 15.0 up to 15.1.1.

Custom Player is a tweak that allowed an end-user to easily modify their music player. On February 14, 2022, this was one of, if not the first tweak, to get injected with the “iCraze Malware” which made all devices that had Custom Player installed start to slow down. This slowdown would drastically get worse as the user kept using their phone by the minute, and after 10 minutes the device would go into a bootloop; permanently being bricked.